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Pomoc oko impresija?
20-03-2017, 11:42 PM
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Pomoc oko impresija?
Dailymotion : "Hi,

The only type of ads that generate impressions are in-stream advertisements. In-stream ads are ads that are served within the Dailymotion video player. Advertisments are always labeled or closable. We are committed to creating an efficient and transparent advertising ecosystem for content creators, advertisers, and users.

We serve four types of in-stream ads:
Pre-Roll: A video advertisement that plays before your video starts.
Mid-Roll: A video advertisement that plays in the middle of your video. Your video will pause, the ad will play, and then your video will resume. Mid-Rolls are usually only served with videos that exceed 5 minutes in length.
Post-Roll: A video advertisement that plays after your video is over.
Overlay: A text/image advertisement that floats over the bottom of your video."

Ako sam dobro razumeo posto sam sada malo zbunjen. impresije su ove reklame na slici 1, a ne na slici 2 ?

[Image: 20170319148996440817495.png]

[Image: 20170319148996450117934.png]
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